Why should you pick Sugar Sell?

E-commerce revolves all-around user experience. Customers today are agile, and they can easily slide between devices, buying laptops and smartphones as they swiftly move from one place to another. They need mobile-optimized sites, customized shopping experiences and one-click in-depth information regarding products and services. Users are busy, demanding, and impulsive and move right out of your website if they don’t like it. So, a slick website is responsible for a great UX? No.

User Experience constitutes each factor of a customer’s interaction with the product, service or system. For a successful online business, everything about your online presence should be top-notch and attractive. How do you achieve it? Customer relations management (CRM) software is a great tool to maximize user experience, increase conversion and boost sales. If you are thinking of settling for CRM software, review your options carefully. SugarCRM has an edge in the e-commerce world, and the reason behind it is described below.

What do you understand by the term CRM software?

The most famous character, Sherlock, said you could not make bricks without clay. If we talk in e-commerce terms, clay is data regarding consumers, comprising emails, account updates, social media messages, sales, returns and customer interactions. To develop a successful online business, you must have comprehensive information about three types of customers:

  1. Your present customers.
  2. Your past customers.
  3. Your prospective customers.

There are several questions like, from where your site visitors have come? What is the percentage of site visitors that convert into actual sales? What products do they order? Are they satisfied with the experience? Do they return to purchase more? How many customers leave reviews? What percentage of your customers are likely to recommend your product or service? These queries can be answered well through CRM software. In the broader sense, CRM software captures and analyzes the data. Sugar Sell helps you analyze your present, past and future customers.

Continue reading to find out five unique ways in which Sugar Sell offers more than its competitors.

1. Intuitive user interface

Essentially, Sugar Sell begins its benefits with UX, equipped with a fantastic interface. It is user-friendly, even if you are using it for the first time. Once you log onto your dashboard, you will be glad to find service, sales and marketing data arranged in separate, clean white background. You will get immediate updates and messages with a pop-up; therefore, you can instantly devote your time to the most urgent issues.

You can easily figure out in a glance whatever is going on as everything colour-coded. For instance, navigate to the “Calls” section, and you can see status messages in white, green, and red:

Color Status
White Scheduled
Green Completed
Red Cancelled

The one who uses Sugar Sell can easily access customer histories, hierarchies, and coverage. Can use all these data separately to offer a personalized user experience.

2. Part of the SugarCRM ecosystem

Sugar Sell positions itself smoothly into the SugarCRM ecosystem. Sugar products work all-together to generate a complete CRM experience.

  1. Sugar Market delivers market automation, which helps research your customer base, obtain visibility in the market and create new leads.
  2. Sugar Serve helps in easy customer service by at-a-glance customer service histories adaptable self-serve portals.
  3. Sugar Discover offers a deep insight into your sales performed with metrics tracking and automatic root cause analysis.
  4. Hint, an optional add-on, helps derive customer information easily from third-party websites, social media platforms, databases, etc.

Each part of the Sugar ecosystem has a seamless working acting as a standalone unit or part of the whole.

3. Logical Workflow

While using Sugar Sell in SugarCRM enterprise, put your essential business processes on autopilot with the help of easy drag-and-drop visual design interfaces. Excellent add-ons like SugarBPM eliminate barriers to success by converting complicated workflows into interactive designs. Easy-to-understand symbols signify specific actions that optimize complex decision cycles through strict pre-determined rules.

Through process-monitoring and audit tools, managers can troubleshoot problems more quickly. Visual snapshots of ongoing sales workflows come in handy at meetings because they make processes much convenient to explain. Customer histories are easy to locate and navigate, so representatives know what to say precisely at any given moment. In a nutshell, Sugar has workflow convenience down pat.

4. Sleek Integrations

The subscribers of SugarCRM get an omnichannel CRM experience. You can efficiently work on smartphones and laptops through its convenient mobile app. In simple terms, Sugar Sell work-from-home arrangements function smarter and more effortless. Sugar also has a beautiful working with a range of other integrations comprising Microsoft Outlook, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, tech apps, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Dun & Bradstreet consumer insights.

The perks do not end here – Sugar has an API and SDK to extend its user interface with your business’s customized programs.

5. Superb Customer Service and Support

Sugar Sell will never leave you disappointed in all the essential areas of customer service and support. Every subscriber gets a free customer-facing self-service portal equipped with self-help documents.

Clients of enterprise-level who select the ultimate version of SugarCRM get customized services from a devoted account manager. Sugar also provides responsive phone support, live chat, and troubleshooting via mail.


Sugar Sell delivers everything you need for a successful e-commerce site, starting from reliability and tech support satisfaction. It’s user-friendly, attends to your needs quickly and is something you have been looking for.

A business needs a Sales Automation platform like Sugar Sell to remain ahead of its rivals in this fast-paced business world. Tejora offers you such a robust platform to enable your business to scale upwards easily. Request for a demo today and let us help your business reach the path of success.

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