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Flexible Engagement Models

Flexibility with engagement models is at the core of our business process. We understand that each of our clients has varying requirements in terms of talent and technology platforms.

Our Fully Transparent Engagement Models

Fixed Cost Onsite Staffing Offsite Staffing Build-Operate-Transfer
What is it You pay a mutually agreed fixed price on delivery of the final product within a pre-scheduled timeframe. You get the best-trained resources on contract to work at your location as per your payroll and under your project managers. A dedicated team of technology professionals working remotely from a fully equipped office infrastructure on your major development projects. We set up, run, and optimize your IT service delivery operations and transfer it to you when a set of pre-defined criteria are met.
How it works Based on your specifications, we prepare a proposal that establishes clear milestones, timelines, communication protocols, change management, and warranty period.

Our analysts help you zero-in on a realistic development plan based on the complexity of the project and budget.
We recruit and train IT professionals with domain expertise and experience to work from your location.

Ideal for projects that require an ongoing production environment.

This model allows your company to access our expertise in your own office.
Recommended for projects with well-defined goals and deliverables.

The team works from Tejora’s state-of-the-art offshore development center (ODC) equipped with access-controlled and extendable development space, dedicated high-speed internet & VPN, disaster recovery management, and 24/7 physical security.
We take care of every technical challenge of setting up an offshore IT development center. When you’re comfortable with owing the process, with the flip of a switch, we will transfer the entire operations over to you. Minimize your exposure to risks and maximize your new revenue stream.
The value you get
  • Maximum cost savings as the onus is on us to deliver on-time and within budget. We cut no corners to meet this!
  • Regular appraisals on progress and strong feedback channel.
  • The team is adaptable to your work environment, culture, and policies.
  • An ability to personally manage projects and supervise activities.
  • A low-cost offshore center without the headache of managing it.
  • Reduced operational cost with no time-consuming set-ups.
  • Flexibility to utilize offsite team for a particular project or multiple development projects.
  • Access to a highly competent resource pool with expertise across a range of technologies and verticals.
  • IT services at a predictable cost in a predictable environment.

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