The Experience Should Match the Expectations

The idea was that technology would work for you—not the other way around.

So why are your teams at the beck and call of your CRM, constantly doing database busy work, finding cross-selling opportunities and at-risk accounts, scoring leads, routing cases, and so much more. All of this makes you wonder if the technology is worth the effort.

With SugarCRM, you let the platform do the work. Only Sugar delivers a CRM platform that helps teams achieve high-definition customer experience.

A high-definition customer experience means companies can achieve a customer view with crystal-clear fidelity. Its time-aware nature enables companies to rewind to the past, have better situational awareness about the present, and make bankable predictions about the future. Informed by the most accurate internal information possible and the best external information available, Sugar drives companies to reach new levels of business performance and enables predictability.

Most Flexible CRM On The Market Today

All businesses are different.

Even if they’re in the same industry they will have different processes and variations in the way they do business.
SugarCRM’s ‘no restriction’ model to their product offering means that you won’t be forced to work the way the CRM tool works. In fact, it’s the opposite with SugarCRM.

Easy To Use

NASA went to the moon. “Not because it was easy, but because it was hard”. But do you really want this from your CRM? The majority of our customers select SugarCRM over alternatives because of its ease of use and intuitive nature.

Learning a CRM shouldn’t be like learning to fly a 747. Bring your team up to speed quickly!

Clear Transparent Pricing

Unlike our main competitor, where the endeavour is ‘game the customer up to the next level’, SugarCRM’s offering and pricing couldn’t be clearer.

No forced upgrades. No Surprise Invoice. No vendor lock-in. Tick, tick, tick.

The Fastest Innovation Pace

In a subscription model world, cultivating customers for life translates to ensuring a customer will renew their subscriptions, year after year. A huge part of the strategy with SugarCRM is consistently delivering on an impressive product roadmap.

Cloud Innovation Like No Other CRM Vendor

Since many platforms offering customer experience are built on proprietary clouds, users come to be at the vendors’ mercy.

A business’ objective would be to expand; however, expansion becomes subject to the provider’s ability to scale, introduce new technologies and support more expansive areas. To enable a business to embrace all expansion opportunities, Sugar uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the most advanced commercial cloud technology available today. Built on an infrastructure that is truly global and facilitates the growth of emerging technologies, Sugar helps a business stay close to its customers regardless of how far they geographically are. That makes Sugar devote sufficient time to update its features and enhance its functioning without burdening you with hefty charges.

SugarCRM places their R&D into the product, and not a proprietary cloud technology.

Competent Delivery Network

Globally, there are competent implementation/delivery partners in every corner of the globe.

We live, breathe and sleep SugarCRM and have many years experience delivering successful projects. It’s the default option for someone looking to deploy SugarCRM at their business.

Trusted By Big Names, Excelling With Small

Big brands such as IBM, Audi, Sennheiser, British Sugar, and T-Mobile leverage SugarCRM to create extraordinary customer relationships. However, it’s the SME market where Sugar really shines and has proven to be empowering most.

It’s the reason why SugarCRM won PCMAG.COM business choice award for CRM three years in a row running.

Valuable Feature Set – No Fluff

Too many CRM vendors offer an eye-watering amount of functionality (for an eye-watering cost, too). The unnecessary ‘fluff’ is bloatware that provides little value and in most cases overwhelm its users.

SugarCRM considers it’s feature set carefully and listens to its customers who have helped shape the product over the past 15 years.

A modern CRM is the holy-grail of achieving a single-customer-view.

Flexible Deployment Options

Your choice: SugarCRM Cloud, Private Cloud, or Your Cloud.

The most popular option for our customers is to host with SugarCRM Cloud. It’s free, scalable and upgrades are automatic. However, if you want to host SugarCRM on your own infrastructure – this is a no-cost option.

With key customer information at the fingertips of every customer-facing employee, with SugarCRM, your team will be able to provide a consistent customer experience worthy of the 2020 name tag.

SugarCRM Integrates With Everything

The requirement to integrate SugarCRM with multiple systems becomes stronger and stronger as each year passes. This is because companies really understand the benefit of system data synchronisation.

From Outlook, Gmail, Websites, SAP, ERP, to XERO and Sage Accounting, we’ve integrated many. Even complicated home-grown systems, too. SugarCRM has a deep and well-documented API.

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