Various factors contribute to the success of a business, and one of them is the ability to reach and convert your targeted audience. Generation of leads, conversion into customers and building a strong relationship with your customers requires a powerful marketing automation software like “Sugar Market.”

But how can you benefit the most from marketing automation tools? Fortunately, we have listed below five incredible tips for using Sugar Market and remaining one step ahead in this fast-paced business world.

#1. Drive Traffic and Apprehend Arrangement with Inbound Marketing

Attract traffic to your website through Sugar market’s box of search tools, social and search engine optimization (SEO). Once the SEO tools optimize your website, the number of prospects to your business increases significantly.

With the help of the platform’s built-in SEO audit feature, you can evaluate your business’s performance concerning various SEO metrics like links, page speed, and mobile performance. You can compare them with your competitors and move forward with Sugar Market’s suggestions to optimize your website.

Sugar Market allows you to benefit from the other exceptional tools like Google Ads to reach a large audience and identify the number of prospects who searched your business on google. Create an impactful social media presence through the software’s social media tools.

#2. Lead Capturing Through Automated Marketing Campaigns

Through Sugar Market’s templates, drag-and-drop builders and resilient coding, your business can easily create professional-grade landing pages, email marketing campaigns, conversion forms, and surveys.

The best thing about Sugar Market’s automated marketing campaigns is they allow your business to devise and manage superior quality marketing initiatives, even if you are not a pro in web designing. Thus, you can focus mainly on your core business, i.e., serving your users and nourishing your brand.

Build your landing pages through the software’s landing page builder. Even if you have no coding background, use our Sugar Market to conduct A/B tests and create landing pages that facilities conversion. Use the platform’s form builder to create easy forms to add to your website. These forms can be embedded to automatically capture and sync information to build lead routing, auto-enrollment in campaigns and reports.

#3. Expedite Your Sales Cycle Through Lead Nurturing

Important messages play a vital role in engaging your prospects at each phase of their buying journey and converting them into your faithful customers. Employ sugar market tools to automate your lead nurturing process and allot scores to different lead activities to recognize your most valuable leads. That can accelerate your sales cycle and help you win more deals by generating actionable lead intelligence for other CRM integrations like Sugar Sell.

Compared to traditional email marketing, Sugar Market’s nurture marketing effectively guides your leads to the sales funnel. Through nurture campaigns, your brand makes a top position in your prospects’ minds as they conduct research and make an informed buying decision. In addition to it, Sugar Market’s lead capturing abilities help boost customer loyalty, promote services, and motivate your existing customers to begin using a specific platform. For automated email, pick anything from the target customer’s taste, interest in their demographic information or web activity.

Emphasize your sales outreach based on the scores assigned to your leads. The Sugar market’s striking lead scoring feature notes potential customers’ activities and determines the value of such acts for the company as a base for scoring leads. That allows you to create limitless scoring profiles and indistinct scoring time frames.

Marketing activities develop numerous data like form entries, ad clicks, page visits and email open rates. These data can be safely stored on the platform’s CRM that lets you benefit from a bidirectional workflow by integrating marketing and sales.

#4. Open the Doors to the Power of Data Through Advanced Marketing Analysis

Benefit your business from Sugar Market’s advanced marketing analysis by getting relevant and focused insights. Your marketing team should evaluate the optimal way to allocate its resources, and you have to keep an eye on the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. For this very reason, every Sugar Market license has Advanced analytics features to empower the full potential of your data.

Generate leads and drive conversion rates with this tool’s help by examining your marketing metric to excavate relevant information. Make use of the platform’s appealing dashboards. Sugar Market’s fully interactive and flexible dashboards with filters enable easy retrieval and data creation from all your marketing initiatives.

Additionally, only relevant data is offered with customized reports. The platform’s point-and-click and drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to create reports easily, even if you’re not an expert in data analysis.

#5. Unite Marketing and Sales with CRM Integrations

With Sugar Market’s native integration with multiple CRM’s, you can synergize your marketing and sales teams’ efforts. In comparison to other companies that provide marketing automation, Sugar Market offers native integration with more CRMs, including:

  1. Sugar Sell
  2. Salesforce
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Infor
  5. Sage
  6. NetSuite
  7. Bullhorn

As a result, your marketing and sales teams can co-join easily to unlock customer data’s power and enhance the customer experience. The sugar market’s integration with most CRMs is a boon for business as it enables your sales team to have one-click access to lead information they require.

Lastly, the native CRM integrations ensure all Sugar Market activities are visible to your sales team.

Get Everything Your Business Needs From Marketing Software!

The power to attract customers and retain them defines how well a business performs. To remain ahead of your competitors in this fast-paced business world, a business needs a marketing automation platform like Sugar Market. Tejora offers you such a robust platform to enable your business to scale upwards easily. Request for a demo today and let us help your business reach the path of success.

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