Having a capable CRM system in place doesn’t always ensure better sales enablement and performance. According to a SugarCRM study, 52% of sales leaders acknowledge that CRM software often brings revenue loss. This outcome is due to the lack of customer visibility as inconsistent data entry by CRM users and/or limited data points make data ingestion difficult for the underlying AI.

SugarPredict Overcomes These Limitations

SugarPredict, an AI product for marketing, sales, and customer service predictions, is the first data-fueled AI for CRM from SugarCRM (ranked #1 CRM platform). The AI engine analyzes customer raw data against a repository of secured data sources, generating enterprise-critical predictive analytics to drive sales activations.

The solution offers a distinct edge over other CRM software with data modelling not restricted to CRM Data alone (often incomplete and inaccurate). With SugarMarket and Sugar Sell in place, the solution can seamlessly integest their insights to analyze factors other solutions might not consider. SugerPredict’s AI algorithm applies Deep Learning to analyze CRM Data, market insights, and externally sourced datapoints, highlighting signals with 80% accuracy. The outcome is the accurate prediction of leads and sales opportunities – with the max conversion potential.

Based on these forecasts by the SugarCRM AI solution, users can make positive decisions for business and focus on high-priority activities across the business, including marketing, sales and customer service.

AI-powered Features That Furthers Sales Function

  • Identification of patterns and trends and generation of insights, with results displayed within respective solutions of the Sugar ecosystem
  • AI-driven insights that help sales team prioritize opportunities with the highest probability of conversion, improving productivity and competitive edge
  • Contextual background and pipeline-based insights to sales representatives boosting their confidence on forecasting
  • Boosting sales productivity and accelerates lead conversions from day one as it does not take much time for implementation
  • It improves your customer engagement models through predictive case routing and contextual data in real-time

AI Drives A Definitive Conclusion

Leveraging AI orchestration, SugarPredict can accurately point to the leads – most likely to be converted to customers. It takes out guesswork from the lead classification and profiling to increase closing opportunities. With multiple ingestion sources, it allows businesses to overcome the predominant problem of inaccurate predictions based on limited/redundant data. With the bulk of the effort (ingestion, analysis, and prediction) seamlessly shouldered by the application, stakeholders can gain distinctive time and effort advantage when architecting business strategies.

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