Do you consider employee experience to be an important success metric for your organization? Profitability at the cost of a sub-standard experience for employees across their lifecycle may not be a sustainable business practice. This wisdom is not lost on business leaders, and an ever-increasing number of organizations are embracing employee experience as a cornerstone in their quest for profitability and value.

Falling short on this metric may not be due to a lack of intent. Instead, it could be a function of an organization’s inability to transform itself digitally. Long-drawn hiring and onboarding processes often contribute to less desirable employee experience. A study by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicates that half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months of joining a new position. Additionally, half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within 120 days of joining an organization. SHRM attributes these alarming statistics to a flawed onboarding process.

A well-structured onboarding program can increase not only an employee’s job satisfaction and performance but also arrest employee turnover. Coupling technology with your organization’s Human Resource program can help achieve a state of proactive onboarding. Adopting digital transformation reduces the degree of manual intervention and the risk of oversight by an HR manager.

Our chatbots, powered by AI and ML engines, allow HR managers to sift through their functional roles with less or zero hindrance. The agile architecture integrates chatbots seamlessly with existing HRMS and connects your employees to a platform of your choosing – web, mobile, messaging, or social. This easy integration ensures time savings while migrating an existing system to chatbots. These chatbots come with inbuilt features to facilitate performance tracking, leave management, claim addressal, and reimbursement assistance.

Enhancing Employee Experience Using Chatbots

Employee Hiring & Onboarding

The task of hiring an employee is multitiered. A successful hire does not necessarily come after vetting a larger number of potential applicants. Sifting through a large pool of applicants is not only time consuming but is also subject to a hiring manager’s prejudice. An incorrect assessment of fitment during the hiring process can be a costly affair. This leads ultimately to negative employee experience. Through a series of questions and a conversational interface, Chatbots can assess fitment and skills early in the hiring process. Onboarding is swifter with an automated collection of relevant employee documents and materials.

Employee Appraisals

Chatbots increase the efficiency of the appraisal process by ensuring that timely reminders are sent to employees. They improve scheduling and data collection while ensuring that an employee remains aware of where they are in the appraisal cycle.

Performance Review & Feedback

It is every employee’s grudge that their performance reviews are shallow and lack a comprehensive approach. A year’s worth of hard work can be overshadowed by a bad quarter and an unhappy manager. Chatbots enable precise data collection and processing for an in-depth performance review and feedback.

Service Desk

Conversing with the employees is simplified and enables delivering quick and updated responses to various company-related queries. It ensures that employees steer clear in-person engagement with HR managers and remain productive due to chatbots’ swift resolution.

Employee Training

An in-built activity feed is offered where managers can post training videos, images, or text messages.

Overhauling Your HR Program

  • Begin with a razor-sharp focus on improving employee productivity and decreasing the time spent by your HR managers on non-core activities which can be easily automated by chatbots.
  • Profitability can never be achieved unless it is comprehensive. Bleeding due to inefficient hiring and onboarding processes, and abstruse HR policies can be avoided by deploying chatbots. It brings a rhythm to your HR program by reducing the lead time between the day of an employee joining your organization and eventually delivering value at work.
  • By ensuring round-the-clock availability for employees, you can deploy chatbots to provide comfortable and effective assistance for all general HR-related queries.
  • Finally, use chatbots for what is a vital ingredient of every successful HR program. Employee feedback! Chatbots are all ears and not only help answer queries but also actively collect input. All of this while ensuring complete anonymity for employees.

Human Resource departments are ready for intelligent automation to help streamline and personalize processes. Introducing AI and ML into this functional area can prove to be a time-saver and reduce overall employee costs for the organization. At the same time, there is a value addition for employees. If you are a leader who considers employee experience to be an essential success metric, you can rest assured that this technology builds efficiencies and optimizes employee outcomes. Talk to us today to transform your enterprise HR program.

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