Sugar Serve – Making Customers for Life !!!!

Customer service is often overlooked by businesses and the general perception is that resources spent on customer service are wasted if a given customer is already doing business with the organization. However, in today’s hyper-competitive market environment, customers are spoilt for choice for anything they want to buy! Given the overwhelming amount of alternate options that are often equally great, it only comes down to one thing that can help push businesses over the edge and break through the noise – quality customer service.

When customers feel valued by you, they are more likely to come back to you for business without you having to redo all of your sales efforts from scratch, and that is exactly why SugarCRM has created a whole new product for you to do just that – Sugar Serve !!!!

Lets have a look at the key features of Sugar Serve with focus on people rather than processes , making customers smile.

Connect on Customer Terms – Sugar Live

SugarLive pre-integrates Amazon Connect with Sugar Serve so companies can deliver more sophisticated, proactive and anticipatory customer service in days, not weeks or months by building powerful call and chat flows that combine the machine learning smarts of Amazon Connect with the advanced workflow of SugarBPM to optimize both agent and customer experiences.

So be ready to give your frontline team one place to talk to customers via messaging, chat, social, email, or voice and push customer cases and conversations from those channels directly into the same place—the service console.

Deflect Support Calls – Self–Service Portal

Self-help is the best help! Allow your customers to help themselves. Sugar has a fantastic self-service portal and knowledge base that lets users resolve common issues instantly. Give your customers what they want and make it easy for them by immediately find answers to their questions, submit troubleshooting tickets, track open cases and more along with minimizing your cost and avoiding any support calls.

View Every Issue At A Glance – Service Console

Empower your agents to be more productive with a powerful console that intelligently prioritizes cases by SLA, priority, and severity, and puts all the information and tools needed to resolve cases at your fingertips.

Empower your customer service agents to provide top-notch support for every customer. Sugar Serve’s intuitive service console guides customer support professionals to the next best action. It means better response times and resolution rates for you, and more outstanding experiences for your customers.

Be more productive with ready-to-go reports and templates to make an immediate, measurable difference in the customer experience.

Understand And Monitor Support Performance – CX Dashboards and Reports

Sugar Serve helps to identify problem areas long before they become full-blown issues with powerful case tracking and dashboards. It Quickly uncovers which types of support cases require the most attention and gain valuable insight into trends and time-to-response.

It helps to Apprehend the problem areas before they turn into a giant problem through real-time reports and dashboards.

Sugar Serve comes with over 60 out of the box reports, each of which can be customized according to what kind of insights your service agents require. That’s not all either! You can have entirely new custom SugarCRM reports created too, so your business processes are fully captured by the insights that Sugar Serve generates. This means you will have access to all the data you need to identify and understand problem areas in your customer service process before they escalate and cause major trouble.

Route and Prioritize cases Intelligently – SugarBPM

Sugar Serve smartly handles every case and leaves no customer behind. Inbound customer service requests are automatically routed to the right person using SugarBPM.

SugarBPM uses a CRM workflow automation engine based on BPMN standards to offer Sugar Companies and ultimate edition customers the ability to automate convoluted business processes. Automated processes have their own perks, including enhanced productivity, re-utilization of best practices, and the capability to handle customer experience effectively.

Through a visual design interface, any person can swiftly design and employ these business processes. Every process supports complex decision cycles with robust rules designed to optimize routing and approvals efficiently.

Along with auto routing it helps to prioritize cases by service level agreements and there are a number of dynamic values that go into determining the priority level of any given case. This means service agents don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of identifying which cases they need to pay immediate attention to because Sugar Serve does that for them! As a result, agents can improve their response times to high priority customers and, therefore, make them feel valued.

Intuitive UI

These are all immensely useful features that will undoubtedly facilitate customer service beyond measure, but what good are they if they aren’t easily accessible? That is where the real strength of Sugar Serve comes into play. With a kanban view of cases for supervisors, simple click to view functionality for case details, and the ability to interact with users with multiple correspondence options on the screen, Sugar Serve doesn’t just ensure that you have all the right tools at your disposal but also makes certain that they are available to you at all times without any difficulty!

With the convenience that these features are capable of adding to your customer service processes, delivering high quality, personalized service to each of your customers is now easier than ever and as a result, you can truly build customers for life with Sugar Serve.

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