The Client

A healthcare startup in the US had set itself the goal of simplifying access to medical records for healthcare stakeholders. They leveraged technology to reshape the healthcare ecosystem by providing online access to medical records. The mission was to introduce a more efficient way to access health records and improve patient care.

Business Context

Immediate and anywhere access to a patient’s medical records is an undeniable problem in the US healthcare system. This is especially a hassle for patients who resettle within the US and do not stick to a primary care physician. As doctors relocate to other medical facilities, the breakdown of communication between patients and their doctors could lead to misdiagnosis.

Additionally, when patients visit hospitals, it takes doctors considerable time to get up-to-date information on the patient, prescribed tests, and health conditions. Analyzing chart data or reading handwritten notes can take up precious diagnostic time.

The Challenge

The client required a solution that consolidated all medical records into a single cloud-based application. This would ensure that stakeholders have access to the information at any time. The solution should also allow doctors to clearly view their patient’s medical history with a single touch from anywhere. Additional challenges were:

  • The healthcare scenario in the US is strictly regulated, and handling patient records requires the greatest compliance levels
  • The client needed a team that practiced agile methodologies and was capable of delivering a high-value solution within optimal TAT
  • The solution was to be developed and released in quick production cycles. The client wanted the capability to onboard more medical practices without affecting this cycle
  • The platform needed to be scalable and should integrate many data sources/ medical practices

The client required the services of a strong and agile team who had the domain expertise of the US healthcare ecosystem.

The Solution

Based on the client’s requirements, Tejora’s state-of-the-art offshore development center in Mumbai, India, set to work on identifying the best technologies to implement the solution. The methodology chosen was Agile development. During every release, there was a parallel chain of continuous feedback from users to improve usability that the in-house team worked on.

Additionally, we had to ensure:

  • Quick short production releases
  • Making the solution enriched in lesser TAT

Our solution ensured that new medical practices could be updated within the platform’s large database on a weekly basis. The platform allowed updating the medical history of patients such as medications, allergies, and lab results in a single repository. This ensured the documented information is readily accessible to patients and their doctors.

Key Features

  • Medical records presented in an intuitive dashboard accompanied by a visual body map
  • Scrolling feed populated with medical explanations in a layman-friendly way
  • Provision to add information about new medical practices
  • Cost-saving tips

The Impact

Within just two weeks, Tejora’s team successfully integrated the app with BURST IQ
to create the first blockchain-based personal health record application. This partnership gave users the power to automatically collect and manage health records in one place while staying within the bounds of the US healthcare regulations. The platform also enabled a seamless collection of records from UCHealth, Centura, Davita, and Mountainview Medical Group patient portals. Thus, simplifying the cumbersome process of personal health record access.

The results achieved were:

  • Simplified the process of personal health record access
  • Gave users control over viewing and sharing data
  • Prevented unauthorized monetization of personal data
  • Enabled a feature to facilitate a seamless collection of records
  • Onboarded over one million customers in just one location
  • Improved client valuation to USD 30 million with its scalable solution

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