The Client

India’s 3rd largest private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai. The client has a huge market capitalization and sells financial services to large and mid-size corporates, SMEs, and retail businesses. The bank which operates in 11 overseas locations is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange as well as the National Stock Exchange of India.

Business Context

The bank with offices spread across the globe had an employee-centric internal portal, developed and maintained in-house, to facilitate the operations of HR and corporate communication departments. The portal had multiple sub-sites with specific functionalities to cater to the unique needs of employees belonging to different departments.

However, multiple sub-pages with as many access requirements made it cumbersome to communicate, access information, and share knowledge. It was hard to initiate or keep track of requests through multiple channels.

The bank wanted to streamline all internal communication to drive employee engagement and efficiency. The client also wanted to consolidate information from disparate channels and sources to draw critical data-driven insights.

The Challenge

The automated systems for most tasks were spread out on multiple platforms making the task of collating data from these systems a tedious process.

The corporate communication department needed an all-in-one portal to announce organization-level updates. The HR department wanted to create a seamless experience for the employees in accessing information and knowledge by migrating to a modern portal with a better user interface and useful features.

The heads of other departments in the bank wanted a centralized department-specific portal to host relevant data and disseminate knowledge.

The Solution Offering

Tejora proposed to consolidate all internal sub-sites into a single enterprise portal to streamline the way information was captured and shared among the employees. The plan also included building a common portal infrastructure that would tie the bank’s information structure together. This would make the entire process of data retrieval much simpler.

Tejora built a centralized platform that integrated with the bank’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS), intranet portal, facility management, payroll, and other internal systems. It provided a personalized, single point of access to information and knowledge by utilizing leading-edge search, and personalization tools.

The new portal enabled different departments of the bank to achieve the following effortlessly:

  • Attendance and leave management
  • Requests for approvals and act on FYA approvals
  • Downloading payslips and any other HR-related documents
  • Viewing internal meetings and events
  • Initiating offboarding process
  • Submitting applications for Mediclaim
  • Mobile/travel expense reimbursement
  • Business travel formalities
  • Downloading salary revision, ESOP, and incentives
  • SSO with external applications including redirection to internal applications
  • Submitting declaration data as per banks policy
  • Accessing company policies
  • Viewing employees email IDs and contact numbers

Key Features

  • Service-oriented architecture to ensure smooth integration with multiple systems
  • Unified notification engine that provides notifications across multiple systems
  • A suite of social widgets that includes bank news, document management, project management, RSS feed integration, and discussion forums
  • A complete Service Oriented Architecture in the backend to make the interaction between multiple systems possible

The Tejora Approach

A team of product managers and business analysts worked with the solution architects to create the solution roadmap.

The UI/UX think tank visualized the concepts and made them easily accessible to the stakeholders. The final designs were approved after multiple iterations, debates, and suggestions, which finally led to the Eureka moment.

With the designs in place, the team developed the platform with the single goal of delivering the project in time. The QA team played Devil’s Advocate to ensure the solution met the best quality standards and delivered a coherent experience to the users.

The Impact

  • Streamlined communication and increased collaboration between and across teams with the all-in-one platform
  • Ability to manage sudden spikes in HR operations during specific periods in a calendar year with a better employee experience
  • Highly scalable portal with an ability to handle 42,000 concurrent users with no scope for system downtimes
  • Data synchronized from multiple systems with dashboard analytics
  • The platform with zero licensing cost can also be accessed via iOS and Android mobile apps, making it user-friendly

For this innovative solution, Tejora won the Asian Banker Award: Best Technology Implementation Award for 2015.

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