Proven success at 3 Banks & Housing Finance Institution

A platform for financial institutions to approve APF (Approved Project Financial) & Non-APF projects. The solution simplifies workflow complexities and improves lender’s management rules and policies.

Project Tracking System generates precise property valuation based on an accurate automated valuation model, which helps in reducing the time taken in loan processing.

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No licensing fees, no usage restrictions


  • Manage property data of Plot, Bungalow / Row House, Building / Wings / Unit
  • RERA Tagging ( Provision to tag RERA no and upload RERA document at Project, Building, Wing level. )
  • Tagging Payment Plan
  • Processing of Individual cases
  • Forum based approval
  • Balance case assignment to Agencies using Round-robin algorithm
  • Maintain audit and field level logs for all approved projects
  • Maker-Checker for all masters
  • Configurable system
    • Mapping and tracking payment plans, Document, External Agencies, Users requirements for states or cities
    • Scoring Model to allow grading of Builders

Our Solution

  • APF and Non APF Workflow
  • Auto-assignment and reminders for subsequent valuations
  • Alerts for deviation in special cases
  • Alerts to prevent data manipulation for fraud approvals
  • Prevent multiple customers to be funded on same unit
  • Builder Subvention Schemes
  • Tracking
    • Price Movement
    • Sanctioned & Disbursed Exposure
    • PDD Document for Builders & Customers
    • Subsequent Project Progress
  • Auto Generated Unit Valuation
  • Unit allocation to Customer
  • Automated MIS, Alerts and Dashboards
  • Upload Agency reports & property photographs

How Does it Works

Integrates with

  • Finnone, R-System, LDAP, LMS and several other 3rd party systems

Product Highlights

  • Digitizes manual workflow
  • Improved data accuracy and work efficiency by 90%
  • Easy document sharing and management between branches and agencies
  • Highly Flexible to suit your custom rules and processes

Industry Challenge

  • Digitize Cash Payments
  • Onboard SMEs and grow business
  • Realtime tracking of Businesses
  • Identify Opportunities for selling various products