• I did a lot of research before choosing a Technology firm to revamp our conference website. We finally chose Tejora Technologies Limited and are very pleased with their work. The new design is reflective of the prestige and class required to be inaugurated @ India's premier banking conference. Neeraj and Ronak have always been focused on customer service and client satisfaction. I look forward to continue working with Tejora in future to maintain the site.

    Abhinav Gupta, Boston Consulting Group
  • Tejora has been exceptional in working with me over the years in Enterprise SW, SaaS, and social networking projects. They have consistently produced quality code and innovative solutions to allow us to meet existing customer expectations and try new markets that were outside our core competencies. A solid team of people with great results, excellent communication and predictable project management.

    Bill Loconzolo, VP Data Engineering at Intuit
  • Nitin and his team at Tejora were instrumental in getting our company, IzzitGreen, and the social network we were looking to build, of the ground. We were nothing but an idea and a piece of paper until we started working with Nitin and his team. They helped us understand the challenges we were facing and how to get past them. He is a person of high integrity and that permeates his entire organization.

    Tom Permatteo, Founder & CEO at IzzitGreen Business Network
  • Tejora is a very responsive partner with impressive technical talent, well defined processes and domain experts and understand our business. Tejora has supported us in customer deployments, routine maintenance and new development alike with high quality of deliverables and adherence to time commitments. Tejora has helped us successfully manage parallel development of multiple product versions.

    Conor Sheahan, CEO, Performix Technologies, Inc
  • Tejora is a thoughtful and experienced team. Throughout the experience with Tejora, the team was dedicated and genuinely excited about the projects I had for them. But the hallmark of working with them was not that they did exactly as I told them, but the fact that they didn't. Tejora did not simply accept my guidelines and specifications blindly, but rather challenged me when I missed something, offered suggestions, and acted as true consultants. As a startup, working with them was a pleasure.

    Karthik Seshan, CEO, 5Sense Inc
  • I worked with Tejora for over 7 years. During this time Tejora worked on several core modules of our product throughout the entire life cycle, starting from design, coding, QA, implementation, and support. Tejora understands the fast changing needs of an R&D department, is very flexible, and quickly adapts to changes. The team in Tejora always delivers on time even under challenging conditions with tight deadlines. I consider Tejora to be part of our core R&D team.

    Gerd Schreiter, Director of Engineering, Nice Systems
  • Tejora has helped us with three start-ups and had the capacity to stay with us post-acquisition. At every step, they have acted as direct staff members, not temp guns for hire. They provided services for every step of the process, from design to build, to QA and support. With all relationships, true character is revealed during trying times. Tejora has repeatedly delivered under adverse business conditions.

    Pat Kelly, CEO at OnState Communications